Advanced Dieting and Fat Burning Technique

If you are like me, you have tried a variety of ways to lose those extra pounds. I have had some success, but there has been long list of failures. Well let me explain what I know does not work.

Starving yourself. First of all when you take in less calories your matabolism detects that and it will make and adjustment. If your taking in less it will burn less calories. Secondly your body will believe it needs to store extra calories coming in. This is why many people actually gain weight in the long run when on a diet.

Low carb diets. If you have ever tried some of the most popular low-carb diets you know they can be very difficult to follow making it that much harder to stick with it. Some of them won’t even let you have an apple for up to two weeks. Another factor is that because you are not getting the carbs that give you energy, you end up feeling drained and tired everyday.

Just working out. Working out alone and eating what ever you want is not the answer either. If you are taking in more calories than you are burning nothing is going to happen on the scale. Simple things like mocha coffees or snacks rack them up before we know it.

I’ve given a new concept a try and I’ve noticed an immediate change in my body shape. Its called calorie shifting. This sounds crazy but it’s why I say food is not the enemy, we just have to eat the right foods at the right time of the day. Our brain controls everything including the release of fat burning hormones. Every time we eat our brain releases two types of hormones in the blood steam, fat burning and fat storage. The amazing part is that those are contoled by the type of foods we eat.

Basically, your metabolism will burn according to what you have taken in, over the past few days. Your going to actually shock your metabolism by not taking in the usual stuff and by doing the opposite. Do not eat the same type of calories and same type of meals and you will burn a lot of fat. Your metabolism will burn what it thinks it should and then it will move in to nearest fat tissue to burn. Of course this sounds simple but you will need to get some direction on what exactly to eat and when. No, you can not eat chocolate all day and lose weight, but you will definitely get to eat more than three meals a day. On top of that I also take weight loss supplement like resurge to support my diet and system. This supplement is one of the trusted brands in the market and it can certainly help you achieve your desired weight.

I am having tremendous success doing this. I’m not starving or really hungry. I am not drained or tired, actually I feel great! So good that I wanted others to know about it. Good luck to anyone who gives it a try.

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