Five Tips for Breaking Your Coffee Habit

If you have found that you cannot live without your morning cup of coffee and you want to change that mind set, here are five surefire ways to help you with the process.


Take up exercising first thing in the morning. Getting your adrenaline pumping and giving you a burst of energy are two of the things we enjoy most about our morning cup of java. Substituting exercise for the drink will allow you to maintain those joys and will give you the added benefits of feeling and becoming more fit as well as giving you the opportunity to replace an old, not so beneficial habit with one that is much better for your health. You can start out slowly by just substituting ten minutes of exercise for your coffee indulgence. Chances are that after a few days you will actually enjoy the exercise and the benefits you feel it bringing you and you will want to increase the time you spend doing it. Singapore coffee delivery will be made available with the availability of the tips. The following of the tips will be beneficial for the person. The reviews and rankings should be made available to the person for the selection of the right one. The charges of the coffee will be less in comparison to the other one. 


Know that juice provides many nutrients in it that are great for your health and that will allow for an increase of energy and use it in place of your typical coffee consumption. The great thing about juice is that you can purchase it in any size or format. You can get it in large containers to store at home or smaller ones to take with you on the go. You can also find it in vending machines or purchase it in throw away cups via restaurant drive-through-widows. The one point of consideration here is to watch your sugar intake.


If you are still looking for a pick-me-up as the day progresses you may want to consider the ever popular energy drink as a substitute. You can get vitamin water for even less caloric intake, but still receive a boost of pep. If you simply want to feel full and do not wish to have any increased calorie consumption in your diet, drink ample amounts of bottle or tap water in place of coffee. It will make you feel full and help alleviate your desire for the cup of joe.


Take up a hobby that you can substitute in place of your old coffee habit. For instance, if you enjoy coffee in the morning at the kitchen table, take up fifteen minutes of reading during that time instead. Go to the library or bookstore and get a book of your liking, or perhaps purchase a magazine of choice instead, and spend that morning time reading instead of drinking. Or if you drinking in the car on the way to work is your thing, instead purchase interactive CDs that will keep you busy instead, such as learning a foreign language, or books on disc. If you cannot shake the need to get that morning coffee, perhaps you will just want to leave the house fifteen minutes earlier than usual and get a jump start on your day. Breaking up your routine may be just the thing you need to kick the habit.


Last but not least, put your coffee pot away! Whether at work or at home, if you have to take the coffee pot out of the cupboard or other storage space, you will be less likely to splurge on making it. Storing the coffee in a location far away from the pot is another deterrent to making a pot on whim as well. Making it as difficult as possible to make a pot of coffee will aid you in your attempt to alter your coffee consumption. If you normally purchase coffee from a machine or drive-through, instead of making it, consider leaving your change at home or only carrying big bills or debit cards. This will help you to remember your goal and make it not quite so easy to make the coffee purchase.

All in all, quitting any habit forms a challenge, but as everyone knows, with perseverance and a determined spirit, any bad habit can be conquered and dismissed. Good luck and happy quitting.

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