Bowling – The Only Sport that May Cause Weight Gain

This is my second year in a bowling league. My parents have been in leagues for years and I often went with them on their bowling nights growing up. They lost a member of their team in their current league last season, and I stepped in to fill the void. The rest is history!

Now, thru observation as well as experience, I have the facts to support the title of this posting. Well, that and the T-shirt with a similar slogan that got me thinking about it in the first place. Yes it’s true folks, bowling is called a sport but it’s not quite healthy for you. The sad truth is, you may go home weighing more than you did when you walked in the alley door a few hours before.

First off, my league starts around dinnertime. Some people come straight from work. That means that the dinner options may be limited to fast food or the bowling alley snack bar. When in a rush, one does not always think “salad”. Those burgers and pizza on the menu may very well be ordered as you rush to put your bowling shoes on in time.

Next, there’s the bar. Not the snack bar. The actual bar. Pitchers of beer are common on the lanes. So are shots as “generous” opponents hope to get you drunk enough to throw the ball in the gutter, or even better, the wrong lane. Let’s not forget the beer frames either! These are when all but one person on a team scores a strike. That person is supposed to buy a round of beer for the team.

Ah, potlucks. Time to expand the options from the snack bar. My league is known for having these around holidays. Other times, a cake or cookies may be brought in to celebrate a person’s birthday.

Now don’t get me wrong. Bowling is fun and a great social experience. But that’s not the point of this article. Here’s the skinny – My bowling night lasts about three hours. Three games are played. Four people are on a team, so eight people are in a lane section. That means there are plenty moments that it is not my turn. Plenty of moments to glance in the direction of a menu, the snack bar, the potluck table, or the bar. It’s just like when you sit down and watch TV. Once idle, those munchies may start. I would suggest walking around to keep busy, but unfortunately, there are some strict league bowlers out there and you had better be ready to take your turn! Perhaps some jumping jacks are in order.

Bowling is one of the most popular sports in existence that has a different level of fun compared to baseball and soccer where of course the other two are more for lightweight and agile people whereas this one is for gaining weight, which you can learn more about at

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