Beam Splitter- Unique Device to Study the Concept of Light

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to chooses a subject to discuss or pen down in an article because many of them out there have been discussed way too often ad nauseam that people get bored most of the time.

This time, the topic is going to be a bit more complex but something that you all must have learnt in school as it is an important part of science that continues to be followed to this day.

There is a fine line of gap between art and science as it is difficult to mix them up together but it has to been done somehow, for it is the only way to make it understood to the layman like many readers out there.

Basic Study

When you get to read about the theory of light for the first time in your school book, most of it probably goes over the head and that’s purely because of the complicated terms used in it but here we will go simple.

Beam Splitter plays a major role when it comes to light concept as it is an optical device that has the capacity to cut a light stream into two, splitting it into separate parts which comes in handy when you’re conducting different experiments to study more about its complex body structure.

Normally, it is a prism that comes in use when we want to use light refraction but beam splitter too falls under the same category that helps in identifying optical use of telecommunications.

Glass prisms are used extensively during experimental procedures that are usually kept together with the help of polyester where the wavelength is adjusted to a specific layer but if you want to conduct a full blown try out, it is important to keep all the instruments in place.

The basic study of beam splitter is to understand the theory of light so that it can be used in a presentable way because expert physicists are of the opinion that for light to pass through prism, beamsplitters have to be kept in a specific frame of alignment which we will discuss further.

Alignment Technique

Laser alignment is an important technique that needs to be seen while discussing about beam splitter and the steps for doing so are as follows:

  • The laser has to be adjusted to a specific height in the center of the beam splitter, the wave plates and lens apart from the usual mirror that have to be of similar height structure
  • Keeping the beam splitter straight, it is easy to see through the mechanism as the target is visible from this distance but one should take care to adjust the position for differentiating the different lasers

  • The alignment has to be in such a way that it can easily pass through the beam splitter and aim straight at the center of the target
  • Once the light passes through, rotate the splitter so that the reflection touches the laser alignment and then turn it off

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