Strategies, tips and recommendations to become a pro in Idle Heroes

There are hundreds of games offered online that can help to remove boredom and have a great time. One such game is idle heroes; you will learn to strategize and can get a chance to win amazing prizes by winning battles. As a beginner, you need to learn a few things by observing the game and other players. You will soon discover plenty of things that can help to improve your chances of winning during a fight. Gradually, you will learn to make hero upgrades, select teams, and other opportunities that help to win the game. You can make a tier list and mark your improvement and enhance your game accordingly.

Some tips and recommendations that help you to play the game more proficiently and build you start team faster:

  • Get a 5-star hero in seconds

Getting a 5-star hero is not at all easy as you better not expect it before level 30. Having a 5-star hero in the starting can make many things easier, mainly battles. There is some specific hint that can help you to get a 5-star hero in few seconds after beginning the game. The key to this is to register your account with an email address and get the 5-star hero challenge from the menu.

  • Omit the arena battles

The arena battles are quite enjoyable and fun, but it can be tedious to play these battles in a row. The match takes 2 minutes; after it, the player gets bored by looking at the screen so you can check the results directly by skipping the battle option.  

  • Upgrade your heroes timely

Along with heroes gaining tiers and levels, the stats also climb up, but gaining a level doesn’t improve the game. The better way to raise the basic stats of heroes by 20 to 60 points is by using the screen option “Guild Tech.” Once you become a member of the guild, you can get free guild token on a daily basis. Also, you can purchase the stat upgrades by using the free tokens. It is always good to put in health points of mage group heroes. 

Below is a version of the advanced guide that can help to come with an enduring account growth strategy.

  • The essential thing is gold.

You will find plenty of gold in the beginning, but as you move further, it tends to decrease. Improving the guild tech along can cost you 75 million gold per tree. A hero can cost you 200 million, whereas one pet will be 800 million. You can use multiple all this by five and then add the cost of celestial stone, and this will definitely hit billions. This is the total amount of gold you’ll need in the game. 

  • Progress vs. hoarding 

The primary thing that players need to understand about this game is that for being successful in this game, there must be a balance between hoarding growing amount of gems and gold and expenditure for your growth during events. The best way to upgrade materials and earn more heroes is by completing the events. You can do this by saving your resources and only spending them at the time of the associated event.

Although there are many strategies, guides, and tips that can set you to play a better game and win, remember to enjoy time to time. You need to be patient and hold definite activities to get the resources, and once you become a pro, you can make your own strategies. Play often to win gold and clear the levels to get a 5-star hero easily.

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