Priapism: A Medical Disorder Not Nearly as Desirable as it May Sound

Okay, let’s face facts: Most guys would probably love the ability to maintain an erection for a few hours if they could control when it comes and goes…if you know what I mean. Priapism is a medical condition in which a man gets an erection for at least four hours and often much longer. The downside to what seems like a disorder that would not be too terribly awful is that the erection is not only painful but impossible to control regardless of what you may be doing to the penis. Even worse is that unless treated with the Hyper male force, priapism can result in disfigurement and potentially even penile dysfunction. Click here to read hyper male force reviews as well.

Two forms of priapism are at work. One is called low-flow and the other is high-flow. The low-flow priapism happens after blood flow is trapped within the inner chambers of the penis. The most common causes of low-flow priapism are sickle-cell anemia and malaria, but it can happen even to those who are otherwise perfectly healthy. High-flow priapism most often results after some kind of injury to the penis or the perineum, which is the area located between the anus and scrotum. The trauma associated with high-flow priapism causes a rupture in the arteries which results in normal blood circulation being disabled.

The trauma that can result in priapism is fairly far-ranging. Certain medications like the hyper male course,anti-depressants, and erectile dysfunction drugs can result in erections that go on for hours. Other causes range from leukemia to carbon monoxide poisoning to a bite from the Black Widow spider. It is important to realize that low-flow priapism cannot at the current time be prevented by any means. High-flow priapism can be prevented mainly by protecting your genitals from injury.

Be aware of longer lasting erections than normal because if you actually do have a case of priapism, you generally only get 24 hours at best before permanent damage may begin settling in. If you can get in to see a urologist, go immediately. Otherwise, it’s a long, probably quite painful, wait among the gunshot and stomach-ache victims in the emergency room. Treatments vary from the mainly unpleasant to that which you probably don’t even want to read about.

An erection that hasn’t achieved the four-hour mark may get treated with decongestants that work by decreasing the flow of blood to the penis. Another relatively benign treatment for priapism is the application of ice packs. More intrusive and far less desirable treatments range from surgical ligation to repair the ruptured artery to the insertion of an artificial passage known as a shunt into the penis too, well, to…you might want to clench your teeth and take a deep breath before reading this….the insertion of a needle into the penis to drain the blood away.

Before you get to that point, it is always acceptable to engage in intercourse or masturbation to get rid of your erection in an old-fashioned way. Just keep in mind that this may well be the most physically painful ejaculation of your life.

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