Go Backyard Camping with Your Family

Do you want to experience the great outdoors without venturing too far away from home? Is your large family too big to take on a conventional camping trip? Take your family camping in your backyard this summer. Backyard camping is a family activity that can be cheap, easy, and fun. Here are some tips to help make your backyard camping trip fun for the whole family.

Turn your cell phones off and lock them in the house. Camping is a great time for your family to come together in nature and bond. Make your backyard an electronic gadget free zone to set the mood.

Have a fire, roast marshmallows, and make s’mores. Just don’t forget to notify your neighbors or the local fire department. The last thing you want is to have your backyard camping trip crashed by firemen in full suits because someone saw smoke and called emergency services. It is also a good idea to make sure you aren’t breaking any city ordinances with your backyard camp fire. Some places regulate how far away you must be from buildings, and what type of materials you can burn.

Don’t forget the camping games. When you are camping in your backyard it might be tempting to go inside for some entertainment if things get boring. Keep it fun and exciting with camping games. Our favorites are bean bag throw, water balloons, and obstacle courses created from things you already have available. The selection should be done from the top 5 cabin tents of the best one. The level of the entertainment will be excellent with the top best cabins. The materials should be excellent for long life of the tents. Exciting and innovative games will be enjoyed through the interested person. 

Bug spray will keep the bugs away. You may not be in the woods, but the bugs will still come after you. Keep those pesky buggers away with bug spray and citronella candles. If you are not a fan of putting harsh chemicals on your children, consider an all natural bug spray.

Sleep outside. The best part of backyard camping is setting up the tents and spending the night outside. Sure, it is not going to be the most comfortable bed but that is not the point. You can rough it for one night to gain the experience of camping with your children. Keep young children and nervous kids in your tent with you. Foster independence in your older children by letting them sleep in their own tent. If an older child doesn’t feel ready to sleep alone in their own tent, don’t force them. This should be a fun activity for everyone, not a terrifying one.

Enjoy your indoor potty. The best part about backyard camping is there are no trips to a creepy outhouse, or balancing acts while trying to pee in the woods. Take advantage of the fact that you have a bathroom indoors to use it. If a little one still really wants to pee outside, well backyard camping seems like an acceptable time for this to happen.

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