Elderly Healthcare in the Silverdale, Washington Area

Silverdale, Washington started out as mainly a retail area, with the Kitsap Mall as being its focal point. However, within recent years, Silverdale has expanded to include a variety of healthcare options for residents of all ages. Here are some of the senior healthcare options available in Silverdale, Washington:

The largest area provider of senior healthcare is Harrison Hospital. The Hospital now offers a new Silverdale campus that contains many medical services. The “T” shaped building houses an outpatient medical office building on the bottom portion and a hospital on the top portion. There is ample parking here. Street signage is clear and easy to read.

The bottom portion of the Harrison Hospital building is home to AMI (Advanced Medical Imagining), the only open MRI center on the peninsula. AMI occupies 11,000 square feet with two diagnostic sections offered.

In one suite, the Women’s Diagnostic Center offers:

  • Mammography (with instantaneous results available),
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Bone density studies
  • Biopsies
  • Many other procedures.

The atmosphere inside the women’s diagnostic center is comforting and pleasant. They provide refreshments to ease the waiting time along with raised toilet seat so that you can relieve yourself comfortably. And, the appointments are timely. The staff helps ease frayed nerves, also. I like that.

The other section of AMI offers routine diagnostic services including x-rays, CT scans, open MRIs, and ultrasound. Contact them at (360) 337-6500.

Also offering needed healthcare services in the area is Olympic Radiology Associates (ORA). They currently occupy over 10,000 square feet and provide a number of services. This includes:

  • nuclear medicine
  • CT scan
  • closed MRI
  • digital ultrasound, and
  • PET (positron emission tomography) scan. This diagnostic tool is utilized as an early cancer screening device.

Contact ORA at 360-479-6555 for more information.

Another facility offering healthcare services is found in Doctor’s Clinic – which has expanded into Silverdale. And, there is a bigger expansion being constructed as we talk.

  • Its healthcare facility is currently unique in Silverdale because the physicians can walk from their offices to the hospital to the patient. This provides much-needed convenience for both the doctor and the patient.
  • The facility is known as the ‘Women’s and Children’s Center.’ The Center offers both ob-gyn physicians and pediatric physicians for their patients’ convenience. They provide healthcare for patients of all ages, including the elderly. The facility is located within this 9,000 square foot location.

Call the Women’s And Children’s Center at 360-782-3100.

Doctor’s Clinic currently has over 50 physicians and seven clinics throughout the county. Elderly patients, and patients of all ages, can receive a variety of services. In addition to the above Women’s Clinic, Doctor’s Clinic has:

  • Orthopedic and Sports Medicine clinic,
  • Eye Clinic,
  • Prompt Care Clinic,
  • Cosmetic surgery (amongst other services)
  • ENT (ears, nose, throat) physicians
  • Urology
  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • It also provides a large number of other medical services for patients of all ages – including the elderly.

Contact Doctor’s Clinic at 360-782-0684 for more information.

As can be seen, there are a variety of healthcare providers in the Silverdale, Washington area due to the recent expansions mentioned. Elderly patients will not have a problem finding a healthcare provider that they feel comfortable with.

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