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You want to start a career and that one specific business that you have in mind is to become a blogger but don’t have ideas on how to start with it. Blogging is like writing your own diary but the only difference is that, it can be lucrative not to mention you have to make your own audience to become a professional blogger, a lot nowadays chose this kind of passion because it’s the simplest way to make a living regardless the negative feedback but then again as the saying goes you can be the world’s tastiest peach but there is going to be somebody who hates peaches. When making a blog you have to choose your domain and once you have decided the next step is to choose a web hosting provider, so what’s a web hosting provider? How can I benefit from it to make my blog better? Well, web hosting provider is a type of web hosting service in the internet that will make your blog accessible to the World Wide Web. Hence, it will improve your site performance such as your uptime percentage and page loading speed, most especially a guaranteed website security and so on. But take note for you to achieve this you still need to bring out the cash because these companies aren’t free then again you don’t have to worry because it will all be worth it as what they said you have to risk it to get the biscuit.

So, you have been enlightened about the idea of web hosting service now let’s do the next step which is choosing the best web hosting site. Have you heard about the Bluehost? If not, let me educate you as per the website itself, it has remained one of the most trusted website hosting provider since year 2005. With over two million websites utilizing their platforms, they have upheld on providing the best in hosting website services and management tools. They focused on innovating at all levels such as customer support, infrastructure, security, and suite of web tools. If you find it difficult to understand how this website works they have this so called bluehost wordpress tutorial that would help you understand on how to easily run your own WordPress site. I will also put down the link here for the video demonstration.

The Bluehost plan system starts from 2.95$ up to 5.45$ per month and get a 1 year discount if you choose to pay annually. The Choice plus which cost 5.45$ monthly gives you a benefit to do unlimited websites and storage compared to the plan 2.95$ that has 50GB website space and 100MB per account for the web storage. Those plans that have mentioned are already discounted prices, their regular prices start from 7$ to 14$ per month. Make sure to update yourself when it comes to holiday prices because oh boy! they will give a very low price for a monthly payment especially on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

So I hope that this article would help you decide on choosing you website hosting provider, stop doubting and get started.

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