Bordered by four Great Lakes, the state of Michigan offers amazing landscapes for its visitors, especially in the Upper Peninsula. Because the Lower Peninsula is home to more than 90% of its residents, not many people know Michigan comprises two peninsulas. The Upper one has unaltered nature and offers images of great beauty, while the Lower one holds the urban centers and is the birthplace of Fordism. Michigan, especially Detroit, gained its reputation due to their industrial potential, especially automobile mass production. If you have heard of Michigan, but none of these things sounds familiar, then maybe you just watched American Pie.

People perceive Michigan natives as hard-workers and tough since the work ethics of Indiana and Michigan seem very strict to others. They appear more adaptable and grounded because they face snow and cold temperatures sometimes even in the summer. In fact, the state is a leader in snowmobile acquisition. The state even has a National Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. Michiganders mock the stereotype of hardworking people since the job market is seriously lacking. There’s also a running joke to them that they have a state where one’s horoscope is more precise than the weather forecast since it can snow pretty much anytime.

For tourists, the Upper Peninsula will charm you with its bright colors, wildlife and lakes, rivers or waterfalls. Michigan prides itself with the nickname of Water Wonderland. You can cross the Mackinac Bridge to the Lower Peninsula, in a gorgeous setting. Visit Mackinac Island and its historic buildings, with 2 centuries of history behind. Other tourist destinations include the Fisher Building, Michigan Stadium, the State University with its emblems, Beaumont Tower and the Spartan statue, a Sculpture Park or the German architecture in Frankenmuth. A memorial building for Hemingway, General Motors and the Henry Ford Museum are popular too. As in any state, the Capitol is one of its most representative buildings.

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